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Holly's Hurricane
In the year 2040, Hurricane Diana wreaks on New York City. Holly Williams, an architect and immigrant from England fleas to her home country, staying with her ailing stepdad in Boston, England. Her mother, who has Alzheimer's is living in a nursing home nearby. Holly's purpose in life, it seems, has been to  been to design factories and offices for robotics companies while overseeing the demolition of historic New York buildings.  While seeking refuge from the hurricane that has destroyed New York City to the point that is barely recognizable, Holly begins to have strange hallucinations in which a mysterious stranger guides her though some of the city’s forgotten and dramatic past.

“Marie Carter’s The Trapeze Diaries is a tour de force performance—this is a writer transforming the things of daily life, the fears and struggles and unexpected glories, into weightless prose. Carter gets at the question we’re all trying to get at in one way or another: how, in this heavy world, against our own mortality and terror, can we break loose and fly? How can we get around the troubles in our own hearts and make our way toward joy? Carter finds the answer, both metaphorically and physically.”—Maria Dahvana Headley, author of The Year of Yes
“Not only the lyrical tale of one woman’s love affair with the trapeze, but a powerful story on becoming brave and letting go.”—Carolyn Turgeon, author of Rain Village
“A quiet meditation on loss and recovery…the narrator’s poignant voice has great clarity as she explores a new life far away from home while recovering from the death of her father. This is a brave and heartwarming book.”
—Donald Breckenridge, author of 6/2/95 and fiction editor of The Brooklyn Rail
"...I picked up The Trapeze Diaries, Marie Carter's latest almost-fiction endeavor from Hanging Loose Press, and found a brilliant reminder that it's never too late to join the circus. A collection of juxtaposed micro-moments from Carter's childhood in working-class Edinburgh to her path of self discovery as a young woman in New York, this slim, no-frills narrative tells how Carter's grown-up love affair with the trapeze taught her the true tricks of bravery and courage in the face of loss and fear."—
“Marie Carter…has real talent…I think we all need to keep our eyes on this imaginative, bold woman’s writing. I predict she may well have a bright literary future.”—
“A young woman, quiet and overly cautious, with a literary bent, who finds herself newly transplanted from Scotland to the Naked City of New York, comes to terms with herself and the recent death of her father….Her fears and doubts have been and are very much my own, and may I dare say, perhaps yours?…A wonderful read. Highly recommended."—Doug Holder
"I just finished Marie Carter's The Trapeze Diaries and it was tremendous. In less than 90 pages, Marie's fascinating memoir touched my heart and soothed my soul many times over. Buy it, devour it and be amazed at this outstanding debut."—Mel Waggoner, First Choice Books
"…For Carter, finding the courage to conquer the trapeze becomes a metaphor for her battle against so many of the fears she carried into her adult life from her childhood. Having conquered the trapeze, she finally comes to peace with her father's death…The Trapeze Diaries is…filled with honesty on every page…Born and raised in Scotland, Carter, we discover, has come to New York City to find a new life and manages to overcome the fears and introversion instilled at home."—Spectacle Magazine
You can also read reviews online in  C urled Up,   Bookslut and  Foreword Magazin e .
WORD JIG is an anthology of Scottish writing edited by Marie Carter that includes work by award-winning writers such as Ali Smith, Anne Donovan, Andrew Greig, Michel Faber, Linda Cracknell, Christopher Whyte, Laura Hird, Suhayl Saadi, among many others and an introduction by Chapman editor Joy Hendry. 
The anthology has been praised by Chris Dolan, Chuck Wachtel, Alan Spence and Aileen Christianson. 
WORD JIG also received a starred review in Kirkus where it was described as, "A vivid mix of realism and an engaging collection of prose poems, short stories and novel excerpts by 26 young Scottish authors...a welcome gathering that showcases an unusually energetic and entertaining new literary culture."
ISBN: 978-1-931236-25-9, $16.00.
List of Authors in WORD JIG
Ali Smith • Laura Hird • Karen Campbell • Rob Calum MacIllechiar • Christopher Whyte • Suhayl Saadi • Michel Faber • Morgan Downie • Nalini Paul • Edward Clapp • Dave Manderson • Andrew Greig • Robert Alan Jamieson • Julie Smith • Linda Henderson • Jen Hadfield • Elizabeth Reeder • Valerie Thornton • Ian Blake • Margaret Elphinstone • Gerry Stewart • Regi Claire • Ron Butlin • Anne Donovan • Tom Murray • Linda Cracknell
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