About Marie
Marie is a licensed tour guide, as well as a tour developer and researcher, with Boroughs of the Dead , a boutique tour company devoted to strange, dark and unusual walking tours of New York City.

Marie has designed and leads the tour " Haunting Histories and Legends of Astoria " and also guides other BotD tours in Roosevelt Island, Brooklyn Heights, Greenwich Village, the Lower East Side, and Lower Manhattan. See below for dates.

(photo across by Colin A. R. Pearce )

Boroughs of the Dead is shutting up shop for the winter with the exception of private tours. My schedule should start back up around March/April.

In the meantime, I will be a storyteller at the upcoming show, " Secrets and Lies " at Caveat , presented by Christa Rose Avampto . The show will take place on Thursday, February 7, 2019, 6:30 to 8:30 PM. The premise is four storytellers will tell weird and wonderful tales of New York City's amazing past. One of the storytellers will be lying and the audience has to guess who. Great prizes are involved and the theme for this show is "What Lies Beneath."

Also, stay tuned for details of an upcoming lecture for Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation in March!

In 2018, Marie was featured extensively in Queens Gazette . Click here for more press in NPR, Village Voice , Huffington Post,   Queens Courier 2015 , Queens Courier 2016 , Queens Ledger , Astoria Post , and  We Heart Astoria.

Marie lectures on a regular basis at Astoria's QED. Recent lecture topics have included "Witches of Old New York," "Wicked Mothers: A Dark Celebration of Mother's Day," "The Mysterious History of Hart Island," "The Poisonous Prohibition," "The Life and Afterlife of Rudolph Valentino," "Ghosts of the Boroughs," "Robert Burns' Night: Tam O'Shanter and the Ghost of Robert Burns," "Glasgow Icecream Wars" and "Thwarted Loves of New York City History." You can find press for the QED lectures in The New York Times and Queens Ledger .

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